COLUMN: Anticipating spring turnover

Fishing is now in full swing on many lower altitude lakes here in the South Interior

  • May 17th, 2017

Mayor’s Report: Shuswap’s economy tied in with forest industry

The story of Salmon Arm is intertwined with the development of British Columbia’s forest sector.

  • May 12th, 2017

ELECTION 2017: Unstable minority unlikely to last

Greens’ Andrew Weaver will want to see carbon tax increased

In a time of crisis

  • May 9th, 2017

COLUMN: Investigation yields tin reward

Something exciting happened last week at R.J. Haney Heritage Village

  • May 4th, 2017
Windstorm hits Salmon Arm


Bootsma property flooding


Salmon River Bridge, Salmon Arm


Cambie Solsqua fire


MP REPORT: Volunteers praised

Mel Arnold appreciates the efforts of those who help out in the community

  • Apr 28th, 2017

Column: Hunting for votes

It’s election season and it’s going to be a short one

COLUMN: Be smarter than the average bear

Spring is here, which means bears are going to start showing any time now.

  • Apr 20th, 2017

COLUMN: The perils of living in Shuswap slide country

This region does experience extreme instability far too often

  • Apr 20th, 2017

COLUMN: Speaking loudly under one voice

There are a lot of groups within B.C. that have concerns about the future of fish and wildlife

  • Apr 13th, 2017

COLUMN: What about the environment?

In a very recent poll pertaining to the election, only seven per cent worried about the environment

  • Apr 13th, 2017

Easy catch ideal for young anglers

When it comes to kids fishing, there really is something to be said for quantity over quality.

  • Apr 6th, 2017

Three pitfalls to avoid

There are traps those of us who live with chronic depression or bipolar disorder can fall into.

  • Apr 6th, 2017

Everything Shuswap finally off to press

Proceeds from book sales will be donated to School District #83 for their outdoor learning program.

  • Apr 6th, 2017