Kyle McCormack, Libertarian Party candidate

Libertarian candidate joins the Shuswap election race

Kyle McCormack adds his name to the ballot just before the filing deadline

With only eight hours before the deadline, Kyle McCormack became a candidate for the Libertarian Party in the May 9 provincial election.

The Salmon Arm resident joins the Liberal’s Greg Kyllo, the NDP’s Sylvia Lindgren and the Green Party’s Kevin Babcock to make it a four-way race.

“I decided to run because I when I looked at the ballot, I was not happy with the options. I think many of my friends and family felt the same,” says McCormack.

“I liked the Libertarian Party because it is about more individual freedom… I think that government is an incompetent manager of the economy.”

McCormack has not attended any of the all-candidates forums so far, but says he plans to begin attending these forums beginning with the one in Salmon Arm on Monday, April 24.