Off-leash dogs show owners’ lack of respect

Writer asks if such owners are just disrespectful, irresponsible or illiterate?

To the District of Sicamous, the diligent workers, and all the responsible dog owners, it is a pleasure to walk the pathways throughout town every day and see them so well maintained, grass moved, flowers blooming, respectful signs posted and free doggie waste bags at strategic points.

I meet many people enjoying their walks, whether for pleasure, exercise, or being responsible pet owners walking their dogs on leashes, picking up after them, keeping their waste off the grass areas where children play.

However, I find it very disconcerting when two, or more huge dogs come barreling towards me off leash with the irresponsible owner trailing behind, pretending they have the right to let their dogs run free.

The question I have is, are they just disrespectful, irresponsible or illiterate?

Marlene Cutler