Margo Westaway

Partake in every feast for the senses

There is a 20-acre garden located in New Delhi titled, the Garden of the Five Senses.

Putting pollen under the microscope

Many of us gardeners are becoming much more aware and concerned with the plight of our pollinators…

Do the heavens and nature sing?

Seeking out silence in this modern, noisy world can be a real challenge.

Spring bulbs make their return

Spring has sprung in the Shuswap and everything is awakening with life again.

Winter a good time to turn a new leaf

Winter at last gives us a reprieve from our busy garden duties…

Gardener takes early winter break on beaches of Mexico

The air was not perfumed like Hawaii with those heavenly-scented plumeria, but any gardener could get a pleasing eye-full…

Making a toast to the grape harvest

Spending a working holiday picking grapes in Bordeaux, France.

Following the different faces of the Earth’s moon

This year’s September moon was a pretty big deal because it entered a rare occurrence in the planetary cycle…

Spiritual significance of trees throughout human history

Trees have filled a major cultural, spiritual and symbolic role throughout our human history.

Trophy killing puts focus on animal cruelty

Cecil might feel that his death would not be wasted if it triggers a massive shift in consciousness…

Contemplating the need for grass space

Understanding our desire to maintain the perfect lawn.

Some fires beneficial to forest growth

We all know the terrible impacts wildfires have on humans and critters, but how do they affect the soil and plants?

A gardener takes the slow lane

Inevitably all heck breaks loose while I’m away and then my relaxed and refreshed mind and body is immediately sent into high gear again.

When nature turns off the tap

California drought gives focus to challenges ahead, emphasizes need for food sovereignty.

A gardener goes to San Francisco

The welcome warmth of the sun greeted us every morning and served to brighten the visual splendor of the vibrant spring colours.

Making change in chaotic times

Poop happens, but ‘shift’ happens too – and it starts with one garden, farm, landscape and choice, at a time.

Survival tips for the grey days of winter

Here are a few survival tips and suggestions to get us gardeners through until springtime.

Hunkering down for Christmas holiday

Great things to see, do and read during the holiday season.

Maui offers fine feast for the senses

Enjoying the sights, sounds, scents and flavours of Hawaii.

Fall leaves invaluable for soil

Colourful fall leaves a wonder of nature and invaluable for healthy garden.