Three generations of Acorn Music owners, and fellow Salmon Armenians, Cory Bagg, Larry Keats and Lody Kieken. (Contributed)

Three generations of Acorn Music owners, and fellow Salmon Armenians, Cory Bagg, Larry Keats and Lody Kieken. (Contributed)

Longtime Salmon Arm music store under new ownership

Cory Bagg takes over Acorn Music from fellow Salmon Armenian Lody Kieken

A longtime fixture in downtown Salmon Arm and the city’s music scene is under new ownership.

Cory Bagg has purchased Acorn Music from Lody and Sharda Kieken, who ran the store for 31 years. Bagg and spouse Tanelle Digby met with the Kiekens at the Lakesore Drive business on Thursday, Dec. 1 to celebrate.

Lody called the transfer an “historic moment,” as Bagg is only the store’s third owner since 1981, when Larry Keats bought the business. Lody said Acorn first opened in 1977 or ‘78.

Acorn isn’t the only thing connecting Bagg, Kieken and Keats. The three of them are also musicians and have played together with the Salmon Armenians.

“Both of them were major mentors for me in the music life I have and helped groom me to get into the position of being able to take the store over,” said Bagg, who plays saxophone with the Armenians as well as the Legendary Lake Monsters.

Keats played drums for the Armenians, and Lody, who founded the band, was the band’s organist. In 2016, the Kiekens “semi-retired” and moved Vancouver Island. Lody was on the Salmon Arm Folk Music Society board for about 20 years and chaired the board for 10. He also often did the sound for concerts at the Salmar Classic.

Bagg said he will be attempting to follow in Lody’s footsteps.

“We’d like to see the business blossom and grow its wings a little more, build our inventory, contacts, relationships in the community,” said Bagg. “We’d like to sponsor some events as well. I know Lody has done a tremendous amount in the community and I’d like to try and somewhat fill those shoes, at least as much as I can.”

Lody is confident Acorn Music is in good hands.

“Three generations of Acorn Music owners and band musicians that all played together for about 20 years, so – that’s great…,” said Lody. “I wish Cory and Tanelle all the best and I’m really happy to see the Acorn Music tradition carry on in Salmon Arm.”

Lody thanked everyone for their loyal support over the last 30 years.

“Salmon Arm is such a strong music community and I think it’s very important Salmon Arm has a vibrant music store at the centre of it,” said Lody.
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