The Kelowna Costco location on Highway 97. Photo: Mackenzie Britton

The Kelowna Costco location on Highway 97. Photo: Mackenzie Britton

New Kelowna Costco location to open in spring

The new location will have a larger warehouse, more parking and a gas station

Costco’s new warehouse is expected to open next year, the company announced.

According to a video on the company’s Facebook page, the new warehouse at the intersection of Leckie Road and Springfield Road will be open to the public sometime next spring.

Its gas station, which is located at 2203 Baron Road, will be open sometime this month. The gas station will have 24 pumps. It will also offer premium and regular gas options to customers.

This comes after Kelowna city council approved Costco’s relocation to the intersection of Leckie and Springfield roads in January. The new location is 770 metres away from the store’s current location at highways 33 and 97 but will allow for more parking, a larger warehouse and a gas station.

The motion was contentious, with councillors Loyal Wooldridge and Charlie Hodge being the lone votes against the rezoning. Hodge cited traffic issues and said the land can be used for other kinds of development.

“Although Costco and staff have worked hard to improve traffic flow, I still think it’s going to be a bit of a nightmare in that particular location,” said Coun. Charlie Hodge during the city council meeting on Jan. 12, 2021.

“You don’t find much land that large in our city anymore… This is not the best use of that land in a community that is rapidly running out of land for housing.”

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