Sicamous chamber executive director excited about new job

The past couple of months have been very busy for Michelle Wolff, executive director for the Sicamous Chamber of Commerce.

The past couple of months have been very busy for Michelle Wolff, as she’s settled into the position of executive director for the Sicamous Chamber of Commerce.

Wolff was given the job after former director Corrinne Cross left to run the chamber in Lake Country. Wolff has since learned that running the chamber involves a lot more than she thought.

“I was on the (chamber) board for a year but I guess I never really understood what this position is all about…once you get in it, it’s like, ‘oh my goodness, there’s a lot more here than I thought,’ laughs Wolff, who just last week reached a point where her job was no longer  just “work,” but something she could really get excited about.

Wolff says that as a small business owner, one of the things she enjoyed doing was helping other small businesses get their legs. She says being the chamber’s executive director gives her a greater opportunity to help owners of small businesses who are often too busy trying to get by on a day-to-day basis  to focus big-picture pursuits.

“I feel I can help some of these businesses better, and I feel the chamber can help them more,” says Wolff. “I just see lots of opportunities, whether it be with training or bringing people to the community who can consult with these businesses, letting them know you’re not alone, there’s a lot of people with the same challenge.”

Despite how bad the past few summers have been for Sicamous, she says there is a positive vibe in the business community and people are optimistic about the community’s future.

“I am so happy with the feedback and the responses I’m getting with what’s going on, and what the chamber has been doing the last couple of years,” says Wolff. “I’m surprised at how upbeat some of the people are. Yeah, it’s tough times and people are struggling but there’s still so much positive attitude.”

Though the Wolff may have a handle on the job, that doesn’t mean it isn’t getting any less busy. Thankfully, she has a plenty of support, from the chamber board as well as Cross, who is always a phone call away.

“Corrine is so awesome; I talk to her probably three or four times a week, just to make sure I’m on the right track and because she’s had experience here,” says Wolff.