Eileen Brown stands next to a vanity she recently finished working on in her store

Eileen Brown stands next to a vanity she recently finished working on in her store

Store owner gives new sheen to old furniture

It's Perfect Furniture and Home Décor now open on Finlayson St.

Eileen Brown has an eye for unique furniture pieces and what they might become.

This is evident by the pieces on display in her store, It’s Perfect Furniture and Home Décor, now open at 210 Finlayson Street.

The store contains a mix of vintage furniture items including hutches, bureaus, cabinets and cupboards. Some items are in their original state, though most have been revitalized by Brown through a painstaking process of repair, repaint and in some cases, sourcing out hardware that matches the vibe of an individual piece.

While some pieces may be in the “shabby chic” category, Brown has yet to find a descriptor that best captures the scope of her work.

“It began as a hobby that morphed into this thing,” says Brown, noting she was inspired to do more after her first piece of revitalized furniture received numerous compliments. “The response was amazing.”

Brown already has a following on the Facebook page, Furniture SA Buy & Sell, through which she’s found a strong appetite for her work. Having a physical storefront offers an opportunity for prospective buyers to view her furniture pieces in person, and move her accumulated furniture collection and workshop out of her home – to the joy of her husband.

Painting old furniture, Brown explains, is an acquired skill. She said she’s spent hundreds of hours getting a knack for it, getting to know the different types of wood and what works best with each.

In addition to furniture, It’s Perfect also offers a rainbow of chalk paints for people to try their own hand at furniture revitalization. Brown has also partnered with local artists such as Steph Thomson to sell pieces through It’s Perfect that fit with the store’s vibe.