Arts groups unite for upcoming show

Spring makes painters want to paint and singers want to sing.

It feels like spring is here to stay.

In Vancouver the trees are in bloom, so we can’t be far behind.

Spring makes painters want to paint and singers want to sing. There are a few things happening in the beginning of May but I will put out the information now, in April, so no one forgets.

First there is a bit of an adjustment to the Barn Sing Along Singers. The group has now moved to Tuesdays. The change is effective Tuesday, April 9, and for anyone interested, just drop in at 1 p.m. at the Red Barn Arts Centre on any Tuesday and join the healthy pursuit of singing together.

There is no need to read music or to have a voice like Pavarotti – just a willingness to sing and have fun.

On Sunday, May 5, there is an art show in the Red Barn Arts Centre called “From Print to Canvas,” and it represents a combined  effort of three Eagle Valley Arts Council member groups.

The Eagle Valley Photography Art Club, Wednesday Arts For Everyone and the Eagle Valley Brush and Palette Club have joined forces to put on this display. The photography club supplied the arts clubs with their favourite photographs, and the arts group have put the images on canvas. It makes for a beautiful and interesting show. It also highlights the wonderful talent we have here in Sicamous.

The photography club will also run its beautiful slideshow again. The show is Sunday, May 5 at 2 p.m. Admission is $5 at the door. This show is well worth seeing.

The Sicamous Amateur Drama Club’s cast of 16 is in full rehearsal for their spring comedy Camp How 2. The story is about a fishing camp where the lake and river have run dry and the owners must now find a new way to make money.

A “self-help” camp seems to fit the bill, but it ends up with disastrous results, what with the incompetency of the owners and the innocence of their poor customers.

The show will run May 9 to 12 at the Red Barn Arts Centre, so please mark your calendars. Tickets will be $5 as always, and will soon be available at the Eagle Valley Pharmacy.

A lot of people are into the art – and yes I think it is an art – of scrap booking.

What wonderful albums they make. Each page is something special and if one is the recipient of one of their albums, it truly is a treasure.

Gone are the days of the self-sticking plastic pages that ruin your pictures, or the little photocorners one had to deal and get frustrated with. Of course, a lot of the pictures are now kept in electronic form and never see paper. The quality is fabulous and can be accessed by whomever you choose.

I am the proud owner of about 40 or so photo albums in every shape and form. But there is one bad habit I like to permit myself, and that is to throw some pictures in a box.

Pictures of children, of long-lost friends that are now 30 years older, pictures that I found and are out of sequence and I can no longer stick in the right album. It is so much fun to rummage through the box and wonder “who is this?”

Looking at the back sometimes gives the date, which is a clue, especially for baby pictures. Sometimes a strange face stares back at me and I cannot, for the life of me, remember who it is. No information at the back. Not a clue. However, just like old keys that I find, I cannot make myself throw them away. What if, all of a sudden, I remember details and then it is too late to retrieve the key or picture.

I am by no means a pack rat, but my box of pictures of unknowns, and my box of keys to who knows where, I will keep. Just in case. You never know.

Please enjoy our long spring days, and don’t forget to join in the arts for good health and fun, or attend the shows at the Red Barn Arts Centre in support of local art.


For arts information, please contact Carla Krens at, or  at 250-836-4705.