Free organic gardening workshop offered

Gregarious green thumbs wishing to break away from chemicals and use less water may wish to attend an upcoming workshop on organic, waterwise gardening.

Margo Westaway will be leading the free workshop, scheduled for May 8, 1 to 4 p.m. at the Owlhead Creek Bed and Breakfast.

Having completed a master organic gardening course, Westaway hopes to share her knowledge with her fellow gardeners, enthusiast and amateur alike, on best organic gardening practices and products, with the goal of weening off of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers.

“It will be composting practices, landscape ecology, waterwise gardening and building soil,” says Westaway, emphasizing the positive impact using less water can have.

“If you have really good soil and mulch, then your watering is reduced by about 70 per cent. it makes a huge difference,” says Westaway. “We’re all going to be metered, so the more people who know how to reduce their watering would be great.”

An optional information package will be available for $10.

Anyone wishing more information may call 250-836-4452.