Jessica Neudorf received a regional gold medal for her mark in the ARCT piano exam. (Submitted)

Jessica Neudorf received a regional gold medal for her mark in the ARCT piano exam. (Submitted)

Shuswap piano students pass Royal Conservatory exams with honours

Jessica Neudorf received the highest exam grade in the B.C./Yukon region

Shuswap piano students have excelled in Royal Conservatory piano and theory exams over the past year.

According to piano teacher Jane Hein, the pandemic presented some unique challenges for the students, teachers and the Royal Conservatory. Lessons and exams had to move online in April with teachers and students adjusting to their new normal.

Jessica Neudorf was awarded first class honours with distinction for her work towards an associate diploma in piano performance (ARCT). She also received the regional gold medal for BC and the Yukon for top mark in ARCT. Neudorf, who has been studying piano with Hein for 11 years was also invited to play at the celebration of excellence hosted by the Royal Conservatory for the students who achieved the highest marks for their level in the province.

Also in the ARCT program, Holly McCallum received first class honours, and Stephen Moore received honours.

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Below the ARCT level, the Royal Conservatory exams are divided into ten levels depending on the skill and experience of the player.

In level 10 Piano, Micah Knutson and Simi Lutrell passed with first class honours and Julianne Moore received honours. In level nine, Zachary Naish passed with honours. In level eight Alexa Robbins and Jonathan Breugem received first class honours. Level six student Dana Forsyth passed with honours and in level one, Natalie McDemott got first class honours with distinction.

Along with being recognized for their musicianship, Shuswap students received good marks on theory tests, 20 of them passed tests on subjects including musical harmony, analysis and history with honours.

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The recipients in theory ranging from honours to honours with distinction were: Rachel Rowbottom, Emily Wark, Holly McCallum, Neudorf, Stephen Moore, Teslyn Bates, Micah Knutson, Luttrell, Karin Vanderkwaak, Rachel Bates, Evje Knutson, Naish, Daisy-May Munro, Alexandria Thiessen, Alastair Harris, Alexa Robbins, Oriah Johnson, Sacha Munro, Gloria Bailey and Zaela Thiessen.

These student’s study with registered music teachers, Jane Hein, David Izik-Dzurko, Sarah Knutson, Carmen Moore, Carol Schlosar and Amy Wangler.

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