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Letters to the editor can be submitted to newsroom@saobserver.net.

Letter: Thick skin not necessary to be a Columbia Shuswap Regional District director

Writer suggests formula for successful governance

Municipal elections are rapidly approaching.

Our newly created Electoral Area G already has an acclaimed director, whom we congratulate and look forward to her good governance.

In the past, some officials would have you believe that you need thick skin to serve as a director. I totally disagree with that suggestion if one is prepared to follow a simple and effective formula, which I refer to as the ALA process. Whether duly elected or acclaimed, you must always remember that you are there primarily to serve the best interests of your constituency, and not for advancing your own private agenda.

The ALA formula, which can guarantee governance success, requires that you follow these three simple steps: Firstly, ASK questions. (Find out what your constituents want or need). Secondly, take time to LISTEN to their answers, and to digest what they are telling you. Thirdly, then you ACT, based on what your constituents want. But should you choose to reverse this process by: 1. ACTING first, based on what you think your constituents want, then 2., you try to affirm your faulty decisions by subsequently ASKING your constituents leading questions (in hopes of garnering support), then I can guarantee that 3., you are going to have lots of LISTENING to do, and will definitely need thick skin!

The electorate have put their trust in you to serve their best interests (not your own), and if you follow the simple ALA formula, governance will not be near as difficult.

Believe it or not, some of our more enlightened directors even hold town hall meetings to ask questions. Imagine that!

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Ken Smith,

Blind Bay

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