Bear removed from Sicamous

Conservation office captures and relocates black bear that had been visiting residential neighbourhoods.

A black bear that had been frequenting Sicamous residential neighbourhoods has moved on, though not by choice.

Sicamous RCMP Sgt. Murray McNeil said the two-year old animal was recently captured by B.C. Conservation officers and relocated.

The bear had been seen on and around Spruce Street. While the bear had not shown any signs of aggression towards people, McNeil was still concerned for public safety.

“It makes us uncomfortable when you see all the people gathering and encroaching on the bear,” said McNeil. “I had to tell a couple of people it’s a wild animal, you can’t get close to it. We don’t want to be in a situation where we have to destroy the animal.”

There are typically bears in the area at this time of year, foraging for hibernation. They tend to be drawn into residential areas by fruit trees, garbage and other attractants, including barbecues, berry patches, pet food and bird feeders. Managing these attractants can deter bear visitations.