District steps up on Bruhn Bridge project

District of Sicamous planning multiple town hall meetings for February to share information and gather input.

The District of Sicamous is stepping up its community engagement for the replacement of the Bruhn Bridge.

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure extended its deadline to Jan. 15 for the public to provide input on the bridge replacement project.

The district has until March to provide local government input. In response to community concerns regarding the three options presented by the province for the bridge’s replacement, the district has identified three tentative dates in February (Feb. 16, 21 and 23) for town hall meetings. A district news release says the meetings will be an opportunity for the district to discuss, in detail, how “each option relates directly to the goals and planned opportunities in Sicamous.”

“We have been hearing concerns about the proposed options, some based on misinformation and others related to how the new bridge will impact our community, and we felt it was critical to give our residents an opportunity to be heard by our council…” said Mayor Terry Rysz. “Now we have the time needed for more in-depth communication and discussion that focuses on Sicamous specifically, with each option viewed through the lens of how it will address the needs of our community today and as we continue to grow.”

Options presented by the ministry for the replacement of the Bruhn include: 1) a new six-lane bridge on Highway 1; 2) a five-lane bridge on Highway 1; and 3) a four-lane bridge on Highway 1 with an additional bridge at the west of of Main Street connecting to Old Spallumcheen Road.

A ministry document states Option 3 is preferred by local government, and Sicamous Mayor Terry Rysz has been a proponent of this option.

The district will also be keeping track of, and responding to community concerns on its website.