Workers rebuild a section of Highway 97A at Two Mile Creek bridge. The road was opened to limited traffic late Sunday afternoon.

Highway 97A reopened, no threat from Sicamous Creek

Highway 97A closed earlier today and work crews pulled as evacuation alert goes out to Two Mile subdivision.

Update on Monday, July 16 at 4:30

Traffic is flowing again through along Highway 97A through Two Mile after the road was temporarily closed in response to water flow conditions in Sicamous Creek.

The Shuswap Emergency Program reports that earlier today the creek level dropped and the water was flowing dirty, suggesting a blockage above. A geotechnical assessment was conducted by air and found no imminent danger.

An evacuation alert remains in effect for the Two Mile subdivision.



Two Mile residents are being asked to be ready to evacuate yet again.

Highway 97A is currently closed in Two Mile, work crews have been pulled and the fire department is going door-to-door in the Two Mile subdivision issuing evacuation alert notices to residents asking they be prepared to leave within 10 minutes if an evacuation notice is issued.

The News will provide updates as details become available.