Princeton high schoolers drop team name over racist roots

From Rebels to Rapids: School district spends $35,000 on new uniforms

Civil War imagery was used in many school logos over the years. File Photo

Civil War imagery was used in many school logos over the years. File Photo

Princeton Secondary School’s brand, which came under fire last year for its racist undertones, has changed.

For many years school teams were called The Rebels, and various logos depicted Civil War and Confederacy images.

The issue was raised by new principal Bill Lawrence in 2020.

“The rebel name is kind of rooted in the Confederacy…linked to slavery…and we have some pictures of little Confederate flags on uniforms and things like that. You just can’t do it in this day and age,” Lawrence said in an interview with the Spotlight Monday Sept. 27.

“That root, you can’t get rid of that root so we decided to change.”

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The new team name is the Rapids.

“We went through a process last of year of narrowing it down,” said Lawrence.

The names Royals and Ravens were also considered and voted on.

Parents and students participated in the discussion.

“It was a good process I think. I’m pretty happy. I think people felt consulted and heard.”

The Nicola-Similkameen School District spent $35,000 on new jerseys.

“We’ve got the new uniforms and we are also right now in the process of having a new logo designed.”

Three students have submitted drawings and the new logo will be chosen by vote.

Lawrence said there was very little if any backlash from the community over dropping the Rebel name. “Nothing really came my way. Pro Rebel? That’s a pretty tough one to be pro about.”

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