Sicamous council facing more than $70,000 in grant requests

District council will have to cut requests by around $15,000 to meet budget.

Sicamous council has time to think about how it will cut around $15,000 from a record total of $70,788 in grant in aid requests.

Discussion that was originally scheduled to occur at Monday’s committee of the whole meeting on community grant requests for 2012 were deferred to a later date. This will allow time for council to meet with community groups requesting a grant in aid for 2012 worth more than $3,000, as is council’s option. There are seven grant requests that range from $3,500 to $20,000. The total number of grant requests for 2012, $70,788, exceeds the $55,817 (1.5 per cent of taxes) budgeted, meaning there’s some cutting ahead for council. The Eagle Valley Snowmobile Grooming Society were given an opportunity to explain their grant request for $15,000 during a presentation to the committee early Monday morning.

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