Support needed for Support Society to complete garden

Donations sought to complete community garden project.

  • Nov. 4, 2015 9:00 a.m.

The Eagle Valley Community Support Society is on the last leg of a journey to realize a long held dream.

For quite a number of years they have been focused on fundraising and grant writing to complete a project that will enable them to provide some very important supports to the community.

First, the addition of a raised bed garden project for their large backyard that also includes fruit trees, berry bushes and grape vines ,as well as a natural playscape for children and a serenity garden space. The garden will serve several functions, producing food for the food bank, teaching gardening, connecting children to the joy that is a mud pie kitchen, a willow tunnel and a grassy hill, and the provision of an enclosed quiet space surrounded by fragrant trees and bushes for counselling, breastfeeding and taking a break.

A commercially inspected and licensed kitchen is a complimentary project. Built in the area that was a boardroom and former kitchen, this is to allow for processing what is grown in the garden and large quantity food bank donations, as well as teaching programs such as Food Skills for Families.

An additional project was to create a wheelchair-accessible washroom and a special type of pathway around the garden beds that will allow those with mobility challenges to join us.

The end is in sight, the society is thrilled with how it is going and have had incredible support from so many people; financially and in the form of volunteer labour and donations of materials.

There are just a couple of more hurdles to get over and it is done. As seems to always be the case, there was more project than budget, and there are two pieces of work that will not be able to be completed without more support.

How can you help? Well, a $150 donation would buy a section of fence, or 15 square-feet of flooring, and any donations of any amount would be a huge help. Drop by the centre (it’s a mess, but they will tour you through) and see how you can help, or mail a donation to Eagle Valley Community Support Society, Box 777, Sicamous BC V0E 2V0.

What seems a long time ago, a volunteer observed, “you know, the things that made it easier for my generation to get by in tough times was that we knew how to grow a garden, and we were taught by our moms and our grandmothers how to use of that food and make it stretch. You have a great big back yard out there. Maybe you could make better use of it.”

That volunteer sowed the seed, and it has consumed the society ever since. The volunteer passed away last year, far too young, but the society is determined to honour her by finishing the garden and kitchen this fall.

Please support the completion of Sandy’s Garden.

Many will benefit.

Submitted by the Eagle Valley Community Support Society.