Difficult decisions ahead for Shuswap’s new MLA

We congratulate our newest MLA, Greg Kyllo, for the successful campaign and overwhelming victory.

There will be many difficult decisions ahead for our newly elected Shuswap MLA Greg Kyllo.

His professional life, his time on Sicamous council, and the recent campaign have no doubt given Kyllo plenty of preparation for what lies ahead in provincial politics, where even the most seemingly negligible decisions can make waves.

One thing that’s already been determined is the location of his constituency office.

Not yet sworn in, Kyllo explained in a brief email that he plans to stay in the same location, which I took to be former MLA George Abbott’s office in the heart of downtown Salmon Arm. It’s a location, with a warmly-lit space inside for photo ops, and ample space on the street for protests. (There have been plenty of each over the years.)

I can’t see why Salmon Arm wouldn’t be grateful to have the Shuswap’s newest MLA maintain a presence in the community.

But here’s the rub: Kyllo’s hometown of Sicamous would also welcome the constituency office.

A constituency office in Sicamous would mean revenue for the building owner (assuming a lease is involved) and, of course, work for the person or persons chosen to manage the office.

Geographically speaking, Sicamous is closer to the middle of the riding than any other urban centre. In terms of population numbers, Salmon Arm is a more logical choice (though Enderby is more central) along the Trans-Canada and Highway 97B corridors. And all of the former MLA’s files and whatnot are already in Salmon Arm, so there’s a savings in moving expenses.

During his campaign, Kyllo emphasized his desire to keep work in the Shuswap and Sicamous, so that loved ones wouldn’t have to leave their hometowns to get a job. Opening the constituency office in Sicamous, in the eyes of locals, might be a positive preliminary step towards that goal.

I don’t know if Kyllo has contemplated this question, or if it’s even worth the effort. I’m sure to his many supporters it doesn’t matter where the office is, just so long as the person they voted for is doing his best to represent the Shuswap.

And besides, everyone knows it’s folly to attempt to appease all. To quote John Lennon, “Trying to please everyone is impossible… You’ve just got to make the decision about what you think is your best, and do it.”

On that note, we congratulate our newest MLA, Greg Kyllo, for the successful campaign and overwhelming victory.

If, in the future, you should find yourself unable to decide on a matter, it might be advisable not to turn to pollsters for guidance.