District has bigger issues, rec centre society doing fine

The Sicamous and District Recreation Centre Society has been managing one of the top facilities in the Interior for more than 28 years.

Prior to that, they actively fundraised to get this facility. Many of you worked as volunteers in the actual construction of the facility, as did I.

The society has taken the task of management of the rec centre to a state of excellence by keeping the facility, the staff and various events at the highest level, which they continue to do. They have paid off the mortgage and have a reserve fund of $450,000. Now that’s good management.

You, as the residents of Sicamous, need to  contact council, mayor, District of Sicamous CAO Alan Harris, Area E representative Rhona Martin, plus the Columbia Shuswap Regional District Office in Salmon Arm, and/or write letters to the editor of our Eagle Valley News, and let them know that you are not in favour of the changes that have been suggested in the Sicamous and Area Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan to take over the management of the facility.

This would be yet another tax burden for the residents of Sicamous. The suggestion to hire a sports and leisure co-ordinator, with possibly an assistant down the way, is estimated to cost $40,000 to $70,000. This new process of hiring would lead to restructuring the facility and the possibility of job loss.

The current council and mayor have far more important issues to deal with at the present time. The new district office, ongoing phases of the sewer system, the push for compulsory garbage pick-up, plus the upcoming election in the late fall. Elections always bring forth an increase in council and mayor’s wages. More tax dollars. How can so few residents be expected to pay for so much in a time when the economic base in Sicamous is non-existent? Families are moving out of Sicamous – stop for a minute and take a look around. Businesses are closed or for sale, many houses are for sale and foreclosures are happening frequently. According to Okanagan Mainline Real Estate Board, this is becoming the norm.

From the Feb. 16 meeting with the sport and leisure groups, it became apparent that the majority of the groups chose not to attend. That alone makes a huge statement. Of the few groups that did come out, they were certainly not all in favour of being under the control of one co-ordinator. Prime example would be minor hockey and minor baseball, both of which are governed by BC Amateur Sports. They are not going to change their procedures to accommodate a co-ordinator in Sicamous.

Come on Sicamous, get involved. Go to the district’s website and read the Sicamous and Area Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan.

The Sicamous and District Recreation Society needs your support now.

I am part of the legacy, are you?



Marilyn Birks,


Sicamous and District Recreation Society