Education cuts unjustifiable

As B.C. public school parent advocates, we should be angry at the picture as a whole – a picture underfunded and under supported.

I am tired of our public school students and their services being referred to as anything than what they are!

Premier Christy Clark said that districts merely had to cut “low-hanging fruit.”

Morag Asquith, director of student services for School District #83, said, ‘The system is not perfect, but that is the reality of cost pressures. We have to keep spreading our peanut butter thinner on our loaf of bread.”

I am tired of hearing about the importance of the Strong Start Program – when what is the point of offering a strong start if we do not offer our children a strong finish.

I am tired of parents and people being angry when the subject of closing a school or program comes up – but only if that service directly affects them.

As B.C. public school parent advocates, we should not be angry at specific “cuts,” we should be angry at the picture as a whole – a picture that is not only underfunded but under supported.

It should not matter to you that the deaf and hard of hearing program is being cancelled if your children can hear. It should not anger you that the alternative programs are being cut back if your children are in the brick-and-mortar system. A lack of LR’s and CEA’s should not concern you if your child doesn’t have autism or another diagnosis.

These statements are grossly wrong! These statements should anger you. These statements should shake you, that not all students needs are being met. They, our children, our B.C. youth, have the human right to a decent and complete education.

Brandi Butts