Everyone pays for vandalism

Shame on vandals who burned recycling bins in Sicamous

In reference to various acts of vandalism and, in particular, the burning of the recycling bins in Sicamous, I am appealing to whatever common sense certain individuals have in our midst might possibly still retain.

Do you realize that through all the destruction and mayhem you appear to class as fun and games, your own families will suffer the consequences along with the rest of us?

Inevitably, it is taxpayers who pay the price for all the cost of what is destroyed. Did your parents raise you and pay the cost of educating you simply to become common hoodlums? I don’t think so.

Time marches on and you won’t remain this age forever. If and when you become parents yourselves, is your present behaviour the sort of role model you plan to set for your children? If so, shame on you.

Alli M. Graham