Family days lost to Sunday shopping

Re: Christy Clark’s proposed new holiday, Family Day.

Re: Christy Clark’s proposed new holiday, Family Day.

Thank you for offering me a holiday in February for the low price of my vote in the next election. But, unfortunately, you won’t be making the sale unless you also throw into the deal a vow to re-instate the evening, overnight, Sunday and holiday shopping laws that not long ago existed and benefited every consumer, business, employee and family equally as well as prove to be a very environmentally-friendly and healthy way to keep strong the B.C. economy.

The recent lack of such regulations has only caused B.C. businesses to have no choice but to lengthen their operating hours ridiculously to compete with others that had done so for the sake of the same amount of people’s same amount of spendable dollars that they would have used to purchase the same things between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. every day except for Sundays and holidays – which has only caused those businesses to be stuck paying unnecessarily higher overhead costs. This, in turn, has given those businesses no choice but to raise prices, freeze wages, cut full-time staff, offer less service and pollute more than ever before without good reason, just to break even and afford to give themselves a small salary that barely keeps them alive. This has given employees, business owners and management – as well as others old enough/young enough to do so in their immediate families – no choice but to work two or three jobs just to make ends meet. As a result, almost nobody has even one waking hour of any day of the year to actually be together (unless they happen to be part of the very small minority who are lazy, greedy, already too wealthy for their own good, or a politician whose wage is paid by my tax money). This is why such a new holiday is being introduced, to the benefit of almost no one but yourself, giving you no choice but to realize that once the majority reads this, most of them will agree. And now you have no choice but to agree to my terms of the holiday in exchange for my vote sale, but don’t dismay.

Even after such a reinstatement of those shopping laws is completed, you will still have the choice to, at any time of the day, go online and from a company in another province or nation, by simply clicking “buy it now” on Ebay and then wait four to six weeks for delivery, purchase what you apparently immediately need, which is business as usual if you already do that anyway.

Thank you for considering this counter-offer.

Jerry Hobbs