Former mayor invited to air concerns in person

Councillor concerned with comments by former mayor.

I am deeply concerned about the conduct of former mayor, Malcolm MacLeod.

Mr. MacLeod undertook an extremely caustic and negative election campaign, trying to cast fear and doubt upon the integrity of both former Mayor March and mayoral candidate Trouton. His most recent comments to the Eagle Valley News and interview last week with CHBC are a continuation of his negative and unfounded speculations, clearly aimed at casting doubt as to the integrity of current mayor and council. I take offence to these actions, and would encourage Mr. MacLeod to meet with council or our interim CAO, Doug Rattan, and openly discuss his concerns so that they can be addressed in an open, transparent and meaningful manner.

Random comments and unfounded accusations cast through the media will not serve the best interests of the community.

Greg Kyllo, Councillor,

District of Sicamous