Home-grown food preferred

Writer decries dependency on U.S. for food that can be grown in Canada.

I would like someone to explain why our produce prices took a giant leap because of a prolonged drought in California.

It seems to me that since one of our less illustrious prime ministers hornswoggled us into the free trade agreement we are unable to grow vegetables and fruit that were previously produced in Canada.

Instead, B.C. for instance, the third largest Canadian province, is adamantly proceeding on flooding more arable land with another questionable dam. Some may recall that WAC Bennett’s High Arrow dam south of Revelstoke was later declared redundant.

Any explanation for our dependency on imported vegetables and fruit formerly produced in Canada had better be good and not any high finance mumbo-jumbo. However, I do know what goes out of my wallet for food and it would be better if it was produced at home.

Alli M. Graham