Litterbug cleans up after Craigslist exposure

Two weeks ago my wife and I were taking a nice quiet drive up Queest Mountain  when we came upon a huge pile of garbage that was dumped right on the side of the road.

I went through the garbage and found a name which belonged to a business here in Sicamous, so I sent the photos I took, along with the name of the business, to the RCMP and an environmental officer, hoping something would be done about this.

Well, yesterday I received a phone call from a officer saying he went to the area but couldn’t find any garbage.

Hmmm, I thought, that’s odd. But lo and behold, my wife and I took another drive and sure enough, someone had cleaned this huge pile of garbage which was very nice to see.

I’m hoping the person who dumped it there had a guilty conscience, or at least was forced by the government to clean it up.

Either way, it’s clear that something was done after I posted pics with the name of the company responsible on Craigslist, because it’s all cleaned up now.

Thank you to the person/persons responsible for cleaning the mess.




Timothy Martindale