Moving on, kindness of community won’t be forgotten

Family has been witness to growth and changes that have occurred within Sicamous over the past 26-plus years.

As a long time residents of Sicamous, my family and I have been witness to growth and changes that have occurred within Sicamous over the past 26-plus years.

Some changes have been for the better and yet some that were not so desirable.

On Aug. 16, 2011 my family had gone through a loss; our home of 15 years caught on fire with my wife Lucy and eldest daughter Meleana still asleep inside. Thank the heavens our family pet Romeo was insistent and had woken everyone up and my family was able to get out before anything serious could happen.

That day we lost a lot of “stuff,” and gained a gift that will always stay with me until my last breath.

My family wanted to thank Eagle Valley News, Sicamous Volunteer Fire Department, Ambulance Services, Disaster Relief Services, Askew’s Foods, Tru Value Hardware and the unsurpassed generosity and courtesy of the citizens of the District of Sicamous, and the continued support received by our church family members (Sicamous Bible Church).

In my opinion, Sicamous residents went out of their way to ensure that this event would not be looked at as a tragedy but one that has enlightened my family spiritually, emotionally and reinforced that we believe Sicamous is the best place to live.

Unfortunately due to ongoing work and personal demands we will be moving to Vernon on Dec. 1; the overwhelming generosity of Sicamous residence and members of my church family has provided my family with replacements of most of what was lost in the fire.

My family and myself are forever thankful for everything, you are all answers to prayer. We are looking forward to having many of you visit our new home and continue to nourish the friendships we have developed over the years we resided in Sicamous, and developing new friendships in the community we are moving to.

Again, I wanted to let you know that my family appreciate the help and support in this time of need. And wishing everyone all the best in the upcoming days, may your kindness be returned to you ten-fold. A special thank you to Priscilla for being there daily to support my family.

Richard, Lucy, Meleana, Jennifer, Romeo and Juliet Halley