Residents deserve break for unsatisfactory water

Charging for water service and water usage for the past six months unfair.

Regarding the recent rain storm and subsequent disruption of the water supply to the residents of the District of Sicamous, BC.

I am grateful for the present water provisions, even though it is a hardship to have to haul our water to run our household one bucket at a time. And I am further grateful that no boil water is in effect for this water. This water is from the Salmon Arm waterworks so I am advised. That sure does not say much for the quality of our own water during the relatively good times of a boil water advisory only. In view of this event, and the many months of the old boil water advisory in effect for the residents of the District of Sicamous, I feel totally justified in requesting that there will be no charge for water service and water usage by the District of Sicamous for the past six months for a totally unsatisfactory and expensive service.

At this time, I would also request that the monthly minimum charge be reduced because, as matters stand now, in many cases I would expect the minimum charge to substantially exceed the total cost of the water used. This is nothing more than a money grab. The population of the District of Sicamous is to a large extent made up of senior citizens on meagre pensions, and most of us cannot carry a forever increasing tax burden.

This rainstorm calamity has occurred in this area many times before. A fairly recent one occurred in 1997 with similar effects, and without remedial action, we can expect similar or worse potable water situations to reoccur.

There is at least one area in the District of Sicamous with an ample, secure water source. May I also suggest that until this problem is satisfactorily addressed, that no further building permits be issued and that all subdivisions be halted.

Without safe and secure potable water, an area is uninhabitable.





Nick J. Verburg