Thoughts on museum, recycling and marijuana

New museum space doesn't live up to hoopla of being in new, bigger building.

I am writing this letter to talk about the museum and other complaints.

I totally agree regarding the smallness of the museum, and  with Alli Graham’s suggestion that the old police building would have been ideal.

When the hoopla of a nice, new, bigger building was talked about, many of us were very happy, but not now. It is less than one-quarter of the size of the old building.

Yes, I too am upset about a lot of the recyclers, and yes, it is extra work to clean and flatten cans and flatten cardboard, but it saves space. I must say though – that it is showing that most folks care about recycling and are doing it, but try and be respectful about it and about those who clean up there.

I do not know Todd Lumley, but I do agree with him. The government needs to realize that by legalizing marijuana, it would cut down on the criminals and crime.

Perhaps the big debt that the country has could be paid off by the extra taxes.

Like alcohol and prohibition, it could be better controlled. I do not smoke it but I raised five kids and I do know a lot about it, and it is probably less dangerous than alcohol.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it. I do not agree anyone under 19 should be allowed to smoke it.

Esther Erikson