Voice of young adults important

After attending the forum, I am concerned that some of the candidates are missing the big picture

After attending the forum, I am concerned that some of the candidates are missing the big picture. It is my opinion that the priority of any town council should be to uphold or improve the quality of life of the town’s citizens.  This is ultimately achieved through economic growth and sustainability.  If there aren’t adequate jobs then the tax base will shrink, and without a sufficient tax base, the services will dwindle and the citizens will suffer. It was apparent that Mr. Kyllo, Mr. Rysz, Mrs. Thompson, and Mrs. Sinton see the need for economic growth.  I applaud them on their dialogue.

Another concern comes from the fact that there were only a handful of young adults in attendance. The 300 or so children going to school in Sicamous must have parents. Were the younger adults working, or were they too shy to attend, or have they simply given up?  Any reason for not attending the forum other than work, or illness is ignoring the issues at stake.  The community must also make a better effort to reach out to the younger generation and get them involved.

We have to change our mindsets on voting.  I have spoken to several young adults that share my views on the lack of economic growth in Sicamous. Voting is the first step towards change. There are probably 1,500 eligible voters and a good percentage of that number is made up of young adults.  If the young adults fill the ballot boxes with educated votes, then changes will occur.  The young adults can make a difference in Sicamous.

I challenge every eligible adult between the ages of 19 and 40 to educate themselves on who to vote for and then show up and vote on November 19. Sicamous needs your input.


Greg Gordon