Learn to swim

EVSLA and certified swimming instructor Brianne von Niessen is now offering swimming lessons to all ages.

The Eagle Valley Sports and Leisure Association (EVSLA) knows that summer sun means water activities.

Whether boating or swimming, encouraging safe water recreation is our business.

EVSLA and certified swimming instructor Brianne von Niessen is now offering lessons to all ages.

To register, drop by the Sicamous arena on weekdays from 9 to 10 a.m., or call 250-515-1848.

Registering at least one day in advance is mandatory, but if possible please register the week prior to the session of your choice.

Children may also be enrolled in the kids’ day camp. Swimming lessons can be a part of the Kids’ Day Camp experience or separate. Both require separate registration.

Water activities have always come hand in hand with water safety. Residents and visitors alike are responsible for their own safety and that of their children. This includes checking the weather before boating, and making sure PFD’s are a good fit, are in good condition and are always worn while boating.

You will want to ensure your child’s safety by enrolling him or her in swimming lessons offered by EVSLA. You may even want to take some lessons yourself, either to learn the basics of swimming, improve your strokes, or refresh on water rescue techniques.

Remember to be diligent when supervising your child in and around the water, and that includes knowing how to swim and water safety.

When your children attend the beach without you, they need to be strong swimmers and know water rescue techniques so that they can look out for each other and be safe.

Von Niessen is also working with Gwyneth Gau at the Busy Bees program for parents and tots, Fridays at 10 a.m. to noon.

Swimming lessons and proper preparation for boat trips can saves lives.


Remember to act responsibly in and around the water, enjoy the beautiful summer and spectacular Shuswap Lake.