U14 Sicamous Stealers' player Matthew Shaw is safe at home.

U14 Stealers end road trip with a win

Coming off one of their best games all year, the U14 Sicamous Stealers softball team rolled into Kelowna to play against Summerland.

  • Wed Jun 15th, 2016 7:00pm
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Coming off one of their best games all year, the U14 Sicamous Stealers softball team rolled into Kelowna to play against Summerland on middle ground.

This was the only time these teams would play each other this season.

The Stealers roster was full with all 14 players being healthy and able to play. The game opened up with some good pitching and good defence, with two runs scored by each team in the first inning. The second and third innings had Summerland taking control of the game, scoring 10 runs to Sicamous’ one.

The score was 12-3 for Summerland after three innings and Sicamous needed a rally cap and a half to get back into it.

At the start of the fourth inning, the Stealers came together for a team hug where coach Rob asked them to dig deep and give everything they had, and to have fun doing it.

The top of the fourth had Summerland at bat and Sicamous did exactly what they needed to do: shut down Summerland’s bats. They did score one run to increase the lead to 13-3 going into the bottom of the fourth.

Sicamous put their best bat forward and started the comeback with three runs and one out with their first four batters. The next four batters did the same, scoring three runs and one out, giving Sicamous two outs and six runs.

Six runs in an inning was the Stealers’ best on the season; however that was where the rally ended and Summerland would hold onto the win.

Final Score: Summerland 13, Sicamous 9.

Good showing by Joseph Jankowski, who had four stolen bases on two at bats (yes, unbelievable speed). Jankowski was 2/2 on base percentage and made a stellar catch on a fly ball to right field.

Next up, the Stealers headed to Vernon to play the Kelowna1 Flames in their last road game of the season.

The two teams had played each other twice already this season, with Kelowna winning both games. The Stealers knew they would have to give it everything to keep it close.

Sicamous had a lead of 4-0 after the first inning. Both teams scored five runs in the second to make the score 9-5 for Sicamous, and that is when the Stealers shut the door on Kelowna. Sicamous would score five runs in the third and Kelowna scored two.

The score was 14 to 7 as Sicamous headed in to the last inning. The Stealers continued with the hard hitting, scoring four runs in the top to increase their lead to 18-7, and the team was feeling great. The first batter for Kelowna in the bottom of the fourth crushed a hit into the outfield and come around to score on an overthrow and then a pass ball. A quick infield meeting with the coach was enough to end the follies. The next three batters came up and hit hard pop flies, but the Stealers were all over them, making three amazing catches, giving Sicamous the win.

After the game, coach Rob Sutherland said there was something in the air that night, as the Stealers all had the focus of an eagle, the speed of a puma and muscles like Arnie.

The performance of the Sicamous players was phenomenal on this evening. The bats were big and the gloves were hot. Sage had her biggest hit of the year, the biggest hit of the game, launching one over the outfielders’ heads.

Final score: Sicamous 18, Kelowna1 8. A phenomenal three- inning outing behind the plate by Liam Davies was a big part of the Stealers win. Liam was 3/3 on base percentage with three RBI’s and two runs.

The Sicamous Stealers finish out their season with four Home games.

-Submitted by Rob ‘SUDS’ Sutherland.