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VIDEO: Drivers struggle with how to use new Penticton roundabout

City has sent out a ‘how to use’ for latest roundabout at South Main Street
The new roundabout is South Main Street, Pineview Road and Galt Avenue. (City of Penticton)

The city of Penticton has sent out a ‘how to’ after several drivers have been seen struggling to get through the Penticton’s newest roundabout on South Main.

With Penticton’s newest roundabout now in full operation at the intersection of South Main Street, Pineview Road and Galt Avenue, the City is taking the opportunity to remind residents about how to use the intersection:

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* When approaching the roundabout, reduce your speed and watch for cyclists or pedestrians at the crosswalk.

* Look left and yield to all traffic already in the roundabout.

* Wait for a safe gap in traffic and proceed to the right, travelling counter-clockwise.

* Use your right turn signal before exiting to warn drivers that you’re leaving the roundabout.

* The important thing to remember is that you enter a roundabout turning right, and you leave it turning right.

* If you are turning left, something has gone wrong.

Apparently, Penticton drivers are not alone in their confusion.

A video of drivers trying to enter a new roundabout in Langley went viral after vehicles were seen entering the roundabout the wrong way, or cutting through the wrong side and some vehicles entering together but in opposite directions.

Watch the video here.

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Roundabouts have become more popular ways to build intersections in recent years because they make some kinds of serious crashes less likely and slow down traffic. Unlike traffic signals, they also function just as well in a power failure.

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