Incidents of illegal dumping have occurred on numerous occasions at Sicamous’ Main Street recycling depot.

Recycle depot going to Parkland Mall

District billed $10,600 plus monthly fee increase to accommodate move.

Sicamous’ downtown recycle bins are to be relocated behind Parkland Mall.

A resolution to move the Columbia Shuswap Regional District-run recycling depot from its current location on Main Street to the rear parking area of the mall received unanimous support by Sicamous council. It was made in response to a Dec. 17 letter to the district by CSRD environmental health services team leader Ben Van Nostrand.

In his letter, Van Nostrand states the CSRD, in advance of undertaking the relocation process, would need assurance the district would “pay for the one-time costs of approximately $10,600,” as well as an additional $300 a month for the increased cost of the new leased site.

Alternatively, Van Nostrand suggested the depot could be closed and recyclables be redirected to the landfill for recycling. Council, however, opted for relocation.

Regarding the $10,600, Parliament said staff was unwilling to pay the CSRD for all the work/materials that could be provided in-house, particularly the “big ticket” items including $6,000 for privacy fencing and $3,000 for a power supply to the depot office.

“We at the staff level are saying we don’t want to give the CSRD additional funds for power and fencing. We’ll handle that,” said Parliament.

Coun. Gord Bushell agreed the depot should come off Main Street, but asked that staff re-evaluate some of the costs involved.

“It just seems a little bit high. I mean, right now they’re running an extension cord for power,” said Bushell. “We can run an extension cord over there for power. It’s probably no different.”

As for the monthly fee increase, Sicamous town manager Evan Parliament told council it would be rolled into the CSRD’s annual requisition to the District of Sicamous for the handling of solid waste, including recycling, which he said amounts to about $62,000.

“In terms of the site lease, my understanding it’s going from $500 a month to $800… and that’s negotiated between a third party, the owner of this site and the CSRD,” said Parliament. “I personally looked at this proposal; it’s almost a disincentive on behalf of the CSRD to move it. But we have asked them to move it for our own good reasons – primarily being that we have a roundabout, it’s a main entrance to town, and we would like to have it relocated. So let’s do it at a minimum cost.”

Mayor Terry Rysz agreed about the esthetics of the current depot site and wants it moved.

“I’ve been concerned about those bins from day one there, and especially now we’ve got the roundabout going…,” said Rysz. “We do have a very good alternative (site) and I think I would like to definitely see the bins remain in the community. It seems we’re covering a lot of the expense so it wouldn’t be $10,600…”