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Enderby company uses election to launch unique advertising campaign

Election-sign lookalikes placed among other campaign signs in Salmon Arm, North Okanagan
A Transition Marketing Services is placed among actual election campaign signs at the intersection of Auto Road SE and 20th Street SE in Salmon Arm on Tuesday, Sept. 27. (Lachlan Labere - Salmon Arm Observer)

An Enderby company is using the current election period to run its own campaign.

Among a cluster of city council and North Okanagan-Shuswap School District candidate campaign signs at the Salmon Arm intersection of Auto Road SE and 20th Street SE, stands one sign not quite like the others.

What with a passing glance appears to be another election sign, with the word “Elect” and a checked ballot box, is actually an ad for Transition Marketing Services (TMS).

It includes the words “FOR All YOUR ELECTION SIGNS & PRINT,” along with the company’s initials, logo and website.

Similar signs are subtly placed elsewhere in Salmon Arm, Enderby and, as TMS account manager Bella Baird explained, anywhere else TMS employees live.

“We saw the opportunity to do it and we decided to take it,” said Baird, explaining TMS general manager Ryan Sheepwash came up with the idea for the advertising campaign.

“There was no better time to put out advertisements for election signs – with an election sign.”

Baird said the print shop has been operating for about six years, and staff there are about to celebrate its first anniversary under new ownership.

“We’d love the opportunity to get a bit bigger and expand a bit but for now we’re super happy in Enderby being a little sign shop,” said Baird.

Regarding TMS’ election advertising campaign, Baird said the City of Enderby has been supportive and feedback so far has been positive.

If the signs have created any confusion, Baird assured TMS isn’t looking for your vote in the coming election, just your business.

“Hopefully people just come in for election signs,” said Baird.
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