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Everything is connected: Salmon Arm business takes holistic approach to healing

Shuswap Float and Wellness offers certified practitioners, sophisticated technology
Shuswap Float and Wellness owner Kate Bischke stands next to the float pod available to use at her Hudson Avenue business. (Barb Brouwer photo)

By Barb Brouwer

Special to the Observer

Healthy mind, body and spirit are in focus at Shuswap Float and Wellness on Hudson Avenue.

Owner Kate Bischke offers a wide range of healing and preventive practices through certified practitioners, who are dedicated to the holistic treatments they provide, and sophisticated technology normally found only in much larger centres.

The holistic wellness centre is home to the Shuswap’s only float pod in which more than 900 pounds of epsom salts create buoyancy that eliminates the pull of gravity on the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. A soak in the float may promote pain relief, relaxation, recovery and improved sleep.

In another cosy room, the multi-frequency harmonic vibrations of the centre’s NeuroSpa stimulate the central nervous system by way of electrical impulses to the spinal column.

Calling the NeuroSpa the most sophisticated, modern relaxation device available, Bischke said a single session can restore the body to a state of mental and physical harmony, and produce a profound sense of relaxation.

“The comforting vibration fills your body, leaving you in a state of peaceful tranquility,” Bischke says of the experience that is synchronized with captivating music.

As flu and cold season has begun with a vengeance, respiratory health is a major concern. Relying on an older but clinically proven practice, Bischke has created a small and comfortable halotherapy room.

More than 150 years ago in Poland, a doctor discovered that inhaling microscopic salt particles in salt caves or mines reduced the symptoms of lung and respiratory conditions.

Bischke said clinical studies have proven that inhaling purified salt-infused air works to loosen and clear mucus, helps reduce inflammation in the respiratory tract and has an efficacy rate of 90 per cent in treating children and approximately 70 per cent for adults.

Bischke, who is certified in several health-affirming techniques such as reiki and massage, is building an integrated centre of practitioners of ancient and clinical mainstream modalities to facilitate healing.

Osteopathy is a health-care profession founded by an American physician in 1874 to treat neurological-muscoskeletal and joint disorders. According to the World Health Organization, osteopathy respects the relationship of body, mind and spirit in health and disease. It emphasizes the structural and functional integrity of the body and the body’s intrinsic tendency for self-healing.

Peter Turner PhD, European (manual) Osteopathy is a health and wellness consultant, who has worked with major corporations including Air Canada and Canadian Airlines, the North Shuswap Health Centre and is one of the founders of two multidisciplinary medical centres in Alberta.

He has been active in the care of muscular and chronic pain for more than 25 years and, as a fitness and health consultant, has designed injury, fitness and wellness programs for professional and amateur athletes.

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As well, Turner created curriculum and has been teaching health-based science since 2003. He is on the board of several related associations, including the National Association of Research and Development for Manual Osteopathy in Alberta and B.C.

He said osteopathy’s holistic approach to client care and healing is based on the concept that a human being is a dynamic functional unit, in which all parts are interrelated.

Manual techniques are an essential component that relates to tissue mobilization and may be combined with the delivery of additional advice and coaching on diet, physical activity, sport injuries and posture.

“It is highly recommended that individuals consult their doctor prior to embarking on any health or lifestyle changes or undergoing a course of action prior to booking a visit,” Turner said.

Texas Peck provides a wellness experience using reiki, massage and reflexology singly or in combination, based on each individual’s needs.

“The mind and body heal themselves; I am the facilitator,” he said.

Practitioner Vicki McKinnon gently guides clients to relaxed well-being through biodynamic craniosacral therapy.

“It helps people attain a sense of grounded presence and well-being,” she said.

Bischke continues to add science-based therapies and practitioners to the centre in her quest to provide effective clinical and holistic treatments. For more information, call 250-803-2876 or go online to
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