Jasmine Lam

Jasmine Lam

A lovely February for students

As we all gear up for March, students can look forward to the Spring Fling dance

The month of February has passed us all by very quickly.

The beginning of the month was routine as students continued into their second semester.

Valentine’s Day was a special treat for those at school, as the leadership team put on fun events throughout the day.

In the morning, the students of the Individual Achievements Program all participated to put on a lovely pancake breakfast. Later on in the day, there were carnival games in which students participated to earn a chance to throw a pie in a teacher’s face.

Near the end of the day, students hand-delivered candy grams and roses with special notes. The eventful day ended with 10 teachers volunteering to get a pie thrown in their face, all in the good spirit of charity for our women’s shelter.

The end of the month was particularly eventful as the graduating class of 2017 attended the annual hypnotist show. Students were rewarded for their hard work by watching their fellow classmates become hypnotized, all made to perform ridiculous feats. The event was a huge success and will provide the graduating class with many comical memories.

Near the end of the month, the interact club put on a competitive can stack, a stack of non-perishable foods, for our food bank.

Finally, in preparation for the Wrestling Provincials, the Sullivan campus hosted hundreds of wrestlers. The wrestling provincials were held throughout March 3- 4 at our the Shaw Centre. They had wrestlers from all throughout our vast province, ranging from a variety of ages, with some of the wrestlers from Salmon Arm.

As we all gear up for March, and hopefully some spring weather, students can look forward to the Spring Fling dance happening at the Sullivan Campus on March 8.