Malakwa students keeping active

Malakwa Learning Academy students enjoy extra-curricular activities.

Malakwa Learning Academy students enjoy some private ski instruction at Revelstoke Mountain Resort.

Malakwa Learning Academy students enjoy some private ski instruction at Revelstoke Mountain Resort.

In today’s world, the health and fitness level of children is a major concern for many people, including physicians, teachers, parents and the health minister.

Malakwa Learning Academy (MLA) teacher, and support staff are taking these concerns to heart and are strongly promoting all forms of physical exercise and skill building techniques along with their daily academic learning.

The students of MLA have had a busy fall/winter session taking part in the following wellness activities – monthly swimming lessons, curling, ice skating, cross-country skiing, as well as downhill skiing and snowboarding.

The students travel to the Revelstoke pool each month, where they receive a variety of water safety skills and personalized swimming lessons.

They also travelled to Sicamous, where curling club members provided students with technical knowledge of the game and methods of throwing the rocks into the house. They enjoyed many sessions of ice skating at the Sicamous arena where some kids learned how to stand without falling on skates, and others honed their turning, stopping and speed skills.

As the snow arrived, students in K-8 spent hours touring their community on cross-country skis each week, and held mini relay races at school.

Last, but definitely not least, the students are enjoying the thrill and excitement of downhill skiing/snowboarding for the first time at Revelstoke Mountain Ski Resort.

With the help of seven to eight incredible ski instructors, the students have been receiving all-day personal skill building lessons.

Beginning level students have worked their way from the bunny hill to swooshing down green runs. And those kids who were doing green runs have worked their way through the blue runs and even some black runs.

With the continued support of the Sicamous Legion, the MLA students will resume their private ski lessons after spring break, hoping to fit in another three ski trips before the mountain closes for the season.

Note to parents: the day-to-day learning of MLA students will not be interrupted due to the teachers strike and we would like to welcome community members to stop in anytime.

For more program information, e-mail, or call Michelle at 250-836-2757, Tuesday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Submitted by the Malakwa Learning Academy.