District plans for bridge replacement

District plans for bridge replacement

Sicamous-Solsqua Bridge could cost up to $4.4 million.

The District of Sicamous could face a bill of up to $4.4 million to replace the Sicamous-Solsqua Bridge in its current location.

This is according to a report prepared for the district by All-Span Engineering and Construction Ltd. The report estimates the total cost of engineering and construction of a new bridge, including a 25 per cent contingency and construction of a new bridge, at $3.6 million to $4.4 million.

Mayor Terry Rysz said the district paid just under $6,000 for the report, to provide an indication of how much it will cost to replace the current structure.

“The timeline is nearing its end, so within the next five or six years, we’re going to have to consider replacing that bridge…,” said Rysz. “They gave us an indication of how much it’s going to cost to replace that bridge so we can start putting money in the budget for that replacement.

“We’re also going to look for alternative means through maybe grant money or whatever might be able to assist us on that.”

The report notes construction work would be completed in two halves, with a single lane of alternating traffic available during construction. The end product would be a two-lane structure designed to meet legal highway axle loads and relevant design codes, and have a estimated servicing life of 75 years.

Rysz said the estimate is based on the bridge being rebuilt in its current location, not taking into account how it might service the province’s proposed four-laning of the Trans-Canada Highway through Sicamous.

“That’s part of the conversation… what we’re going to do with the Sicamous-Solsqua Bridge when it comes to the highway corridor plan,” said Rysz.