Election 2014: Terry Rysz wins as mayor, joined on council by team of candidates

District of Sicamous: Voters show resounding support for all five "team" candidates.

  • Nov. 16, 2014 8:00 a.m.
Mayoral candidate Terry Rysz

Mayoral candidate Terry Rysz

It was a team win of sorts.

Terry Rysz was elected mayor of Sicamous with a sound margin, garnering a total of 545 votes to contender Malcom MacLeod’s 345.

But the biggest message sent by Sicamous voters was they wanted something new and the team approach put forward by five candidates Gord Bushell, Malcolm Makayev, Todd Kyllo, Jeff Mallmes and Colleen Anderson. All five were the top ranked vote-getters in the order they appear.

Council was rounded out by Janna Simons, who is known for her dedication in attending meetings as a a concerned citizen. She will now be the sixth councillor elected in a very close final vote tally of 371 to incumbent Fred Busch’s 368.

This means there will be no incumbent councillors at the table, although Rysz held a spot on the previous council.

It is certainly possible that a recount could be sought for that final space on council.

This may have also contributed to the lengthy ballot counting process, which went into Sunday’s early morning hours, and was continuing while the majority of B.C. municipalities had already posted results.

A total of 904 ballots were cast.

Unofficial vote counts for mayor were:

Terry Rysz               545*

Malcolm MacLeod     345

Unofficial votes totals for council were:

Gord Bushell            682*

Malcolm Makayev     565*

Todd Kyllo               518*

Jeff Mallmes             492*

Colleen Anderson      463*

Janna Simons           371*


Fred Busch               368

Charlotte Hutchinson 337

Donna Mounce          280

Don Richardson         256

Joan Thomson           229

Lynn Miller                179