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Fire forces CSRD to remove recycle bin until new location found

Sicamous has lost one recycling opportunity after the community’s green bin was blackened.
Burned: Vandals left the local recycle bin a burned-out hulk

Sicamous has lost one recycling opportunity after the community’s green bin was blackened.

The 24-hour accessible recycle bin in the Sicamous and District Recreation Centre parking lot that was removed after someone lit the materials within on fire.

Columbia Shuswap Regional District waste reduction facilitator Carmen Fennell said this is the second time in the past two months the bin has been vandalized.

“We have removed the bin and we’re not replacing it at the arena location,” said Fennell, adding the CSRD and the District of Sicamous are working together to find an alternate location for the recycling depot.

Fennell says she realizes this will be an inconvenience to the residents because the co-mingled recycle bin has been very popular.

“It’s been very well used,” says Fennell. “We had 11 pick-ups in October. That’s 12 tons in a month.”

Fennell said the fire caused extensive damage to the bin and the CSRD is sensitive to the safety risk of the surrounding area if a fire did get out of control.

“The bin was right underneath a group of cedar trees so a fire could wreak all kinds of havoc and there is a community park close by.”

Fennell said the fire caused enough damage that it will have to undergo a retrofit.

“The whole frame was warped. We will have to replace all the seals and it has to be sandblasted and repainted. It’s extremely expensive,” she says.

Until another suitable location is found, Sicamous residents can use the co-mingled recycle bin at their local landfill. Unfortunately, she adds, residents won’t have 24-hour access. Recycling can only be brought in during regular operating hours, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. from Friday to Tuesday.

“It’s really a shame when the thoughtless actions of a few people can be this disruptive to a community service, says Fennell.