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Sicamous’ Old Town Road focus of proposed name/address changes

District staff also proposes renaming of Solsqua-Sicamous Road

Old Town Road residents in Sicamous could find themselves with a different address number with the introduction of the district’s new street naming bylaw.

At the March 15 Planning and Development Committee meeting, district planner Sarah Martin proposed making Old Town Road West part of Old Town Road, and renumbering addresses so they are in numerical order.

Council adopted a new street naming and address bylaw at the March 8 meeting, allowing mayor and council to assign a new name or number to district roads, buildings and structures. The bylaw also allows council to require business and property owners to place address numbers in a conspicuous place.

Renaming Old Town Road West, and having addresses counted out in order, will aid future development in the area further towards the bay, said Martin. The district hopes to expand along the road and renumbering addresses will allow new parcels of land to be more easily accounted for.

Additionally, Martin recommended the portion of Solsqua-Sicamous Road, that begins at the Trans-Canada Highway and runs to the Old Town Road intersection, be renamed Old Town Road as well, as it connects to the rest of that road.

Development services manager Scott Beeching said changing addresses requires public consultation as it’s a big change for people, and the department will gather feedback before bringing the proposal to council.

Martin confirmed the Columbia Shuswap Regional District has been informed, as Solsqua-Sicamous Road continues into Electoral Area E. BC Assessment and BC Hydro have also been notified, and a separate process has begun for notifying emergency services to potentially update their maps and information.

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