A Sicamous resident wants the speed limit for Highway 1 to be reduced in district limits. (File photo)

A Sicamous resident wants the speed limit for Highway 1 to be reduced in district limits. (File photo)

Sicamous resident wants Highway 1 speed limit reduced in district limits

Council to submit request for speed limit reduction to Ministry of Transportation

A concerned resident would like to see the speed limit reduced on Highway 1 through Sicamous.

At its Feb. 9 meeting, District of Sicamous council received a letter from Jared Buettner.

Buettner wrote he feels for his family’s safety and the safety of others exiting Wisdom Road onto Highway 1 at the east end of town where the speed limit is 100 kilometres per hour.

Coun. Colleen Anderson said she agrees the speed limit should be looked at.

“He’s setting up a business in his yard, I can understand his frustration and his fear if there’s an accident in front of his place,” said Anderson.

Mayor Terry Rysz commented the district has tried to get the speed limit lowered in the past. Coun. Jeff Mallmes suggested forwarding Buettner’s letter to the Ministry of Transportation, which has the authority to change the limit, along with a letter of support from the district.

Council agreed with Mallmes’ suggestion, with the exception of Coun. Malcolm Makayev, and it was passed.

Makeyev’s opinion was the current higher speed is self-regulating and therefore more safe as everyone’s driving the same speed. He argued if the speed limit was lowered, some people would still drive the old speed limit while others would follow the new one, creating more danger. Additionally, he said it would require more police enforcement.

In April 2015, Sicamous’ council of the day expressed concern about the 100 km/h speed limit starting at Kerr Road. Residents in the area asked that the speed limit be set at 60 km/h, and that a transition towards 100 begin there.

Currently, the speed limit goes from 60 km/h in town to 80 just east of the Husky station to 100 east of Kerr.

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