District of Sicamous Civic Centre simply unattractive

Resident doesn't hold back on criticism of new municipal building.

When our new civic centre on Main Street was completed, I thought it was designed by a committee, with one person in charge of the grain elevator, one in charge of the concrete bunker and another to deal with the warehouse aspects.

The whole turned out to be greater than the sum of the parts in this instance, and we wound up with what looks like a medical/dental clinic.

To someone driving down Main Street, this building does not say this is the seat of our local government, and it certainly doesn’t have any reference to the authority it contains.

The finishing touch to this travesty are the two signs currently being built.

The one on Main Street looks like a burial tomb found in an area with flooding concerns. The monstrosity on Finlayson Street would be appropriate in front of a shopping mall or Cineplex theatre.

Frank Lloyd Wright said, “A doctor can bury his mistake, an architect can only plant ivy.”

Richard Chmilar