Sicamous Curling club in need of community support

District needs to take financial interest in curling club facility.

This article is to make the citizens aware of the Sicamous Curling Club and its plight to survive the future recreational events.

The club was established in 1971 and was well supported by the community since the place provided a winter activity, plus a social centre for all the residents of Sicamous.

In the past, the club supported a men’s league as well as female teams that curled at least four days a week. The club also sponsored a mixed league during the week, giving couples the option to share the sport during the doldrums days of winter. Over the years, the number of club members has dwindled due to family relocations, the growth of Sicamous into a summer vacation haven and the increase of retirees moving into the area. When the Sicamous curling club started to organize curling teams, the committee discovered that members who used to curl in the season were now heading south for the winter months. Therefore, there was a significant drop in the number of available curlers. At one time, the men’s league was up to 16 teams and, over the years, the numbers have decreased to eight teams in 2011. It’s the same with the women’s team, which used to host 10 teams per season, but is now down to six.

Maintenance of the building has climbed up to almost $8,000 for heat, and $7,000 for hydro during the five-month curling season. The building is heated by propane seven days a week, with the facility only being used by the teams on Mondays and Wednesdays. Ice maintenance is done by volunteers – otherwise, this would be another high cost to the club.

What are the solutions to save the Sicamous Curling Club?

We need the District of Sicamous to take a financial interest in the club, which could be a direct cash infusion or a grant-in-aid. Introduce curling with a stick to our seniors in town, which gives them the opportunity to deliver rocks without kneeling on the ice. Sweeping is an option according to their physical conditions. Members with knee or hip problems can now enjoy the sport of curling with other seniors in the community.

Here is an opportunity for couples to place simple exercising into their winter schedule. Senior members would be curling two hours on Monday and Wednesday, from 10 a.m. to noon which is our present schedule.

All this fun is for $200 per person for the season.

We need to get our younger generation in Sicamous involved in the sport, such as a weekend curling event to introduce the sport and even team competition.

We need your support to keep our Sicamous Curling Club as a winter recreation centre for the future.



Gary FT Ferns