Time to move ahead with treatment plant

Sicamous needs to go ahead with plant so residents can have safe water

An open letter to the mayor and council:

After reading the last Eagle Valley News in regard to our water treatment plan project, I’m asking “What is the delay, in going forward now?”

Sicamous is going into the third year of camping in our homes.

“Don’t drink the water, don’t brush your teeth, don’t wash your fruit and vegetables” etc. re the instructions ( I believe) from Interior Health.

Apparently, we have some funding from the provincial and federal governments and naturally Sicamous needs to come up with the balance.

The longer Sicamous puts the commitment off, the greater chance of losing that funding.

The cost will continue to increase and we will still be paying for the inadequate water treatment plant and buying water to boot – why?

My understanding is that the design of the new water treatment facility meets the Interior Health’s requirements and is designed to accommodate future growth.

Sicamous needs safe water.

Sicamous mayor and council should make safe water their first priority and take the bull by the horns and do whatever it takes to make it happen, preferably now.

Let us not discuss and discuss and discuss some more, until the provincial and federal grants are pulled back and the costs skyrocket.

Let us not wait until someone makes a mistake and becomes deathly ill or we become known as a wonderful vacation playground but, don’t drink the water!

Sicamous, has to have Water that is safe for consumption very soon, not five years down the line.

Come On, Mayor and Council, go for it.

Doreen Wilson