OPINION: Wading through the PR tsunami post-pipeline approval

Those who hate the pipeline, hate Trudeau’s decision – those who hate Trudeau, still hate him

Hergott: Contribution and Expectation of a will

Lawyer Paul Hergott continues his column on wills

  • Jun 18, 2019

B.C. VIEWS: When farmland protection doesn’t protect farmers

Secondary residences aren’t mansions, families tell Lana Popham

Column: Fishing Derby a family favourite on Father’s Day

Great Outdoors/James Murray

  • Jun 14, 2019

COLUMN: An ode to Dad for Father’s Day

Dads deserve to be celebrated, and the best way to celebrate dads is to hold an epic competition!

  • Jun 13, 2019

The true story of the Hope-Princeton Gallows

Tales from the past by Brian Wilson

  • Jun 13, 2019
Third Annual Hit 2 Fit Fundraising Event, 2019
Third Annual Hit 2 Fit Fundraising Event, 2019
Okanagan Valley Weekday Weather
Rose Valley Rd grass fire

This is our generation’s opportunity to create an industry for B.C.: LNG Alliance

CEO says much of the work has already been awarded to First Nations

  • Jun 13, 2019

B.C. VIEWS: Urban environmental ‘emergency’ routine wearing thin

Forests, killer whales stubbornly defy predictions they are dying

Column: Volunteer groups step up for transportation and housing

Director’s notes by CSRD Area C director Paul Demenok

  • Jun 7, 2019

Column: Facing crossroads for future of our environment

Shuswap Outdoors by Hank Shelley

  • Jun 6, 2019

Taking the pulse of arts and culture in Salmon Arm

Council Report by Coun. Louise Wallace Richmond

  • Jun 4, 2019

Column: Presch family among Salmon Arm Industrial Park innovators

Shuswap Passion by Jim Cooperman

  • Jun 4, 2019

Column: Catching the big one at the Kids Fishing Derby

Great Outdoors by James Murray

  • Jun 4, 2019

Hergott: Assumptions surrounding small vehicle damage and injuries

Lawyer Paul Hergott discusses the the relationship between vehicle damage and injury in a crash

  • Jun 4, 2019

Column: Don’t wait on fire bans

In Plain View by Lachlan Labere

Column: Creating living privacy screens

Plants can create private outdoor spaces

  • Jun 3, 2019

COLUMN: Bicycles, shopping carts and perceptions

Cycle tourists are welcomed, while the poor among us are scorned